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Leaded Gunmetal
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Common Name:

Leaded Gunmetal
CDA 836

BS1400: LG2/BC6


Typical Chemical Analysis:

Aluminum (Al): 0% - 0.005%
Copper (Cu): 83.0% - 87.0%
Lead (Pb): 4.0% - 6.0%
Tin (Sn): 4.0% - 6.0%
Phosphorous (P): 0% - 0.05%


Typical Physical Properties:

Hardness (HB): 65 - 80 Min.
Tensile Strength: 200 MPa to 270 MPa Min.
2% Proof Stress: 100 MPa to 110 MPa Min.
Elongation: 6% to 13% Min.
Machining rating* (%): 84


Fabrication Practices:

Joining /solderability: Excellent. Need only resin or other non-corrosive flux
Resistance wielding: Not recommended
Brazing: Good
Oxyacetylene wielding: Not recommended
ARC wielding: Not recommended



BC6 or otherwise known as LG2 is the most commonly used copper alloy in the marine and offshore industry. It is known for its high castability, machinability, moderate strength, ductility and relatively lower cost.



Valves, valve disc/seats, flanges, pipe fittings, plumbing goods, pump castings, water pump impellers, stop cocks, hydraulic valve, steam valve, pump housings and small gears


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