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FB1890F: Marine Ace Ramie Natural Fibre PTFE - Impregnated Braided Packing
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• Size: 1/8” to 45mm

Type of fluid medium suitable: Seawater, saltwater, solvents, fresh water, fuel, oil.

Applications: Stern tubes, water pump, marine purpose.

Temperature Range: -40°C to +120°C

Pressure: 4.0MPa

Sliding speed: 15m/sec

PH level: 4 to 11

Construction: Diagonal Braided

FB1890F is made of high quality Ramie fiber yarn impregnated with PTFE-Dispersion. Its main purpose is to reduce the generation of heat due to friction as well as to prevent leakage of lubricating medium applied to stern tube and the propeller shaft.

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