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Phenolic Cloth/Paper
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Phenolic Bushing

Phenolics are manufactured by impregnating layers of material such as cotton, with phenolic resin, and then applying heat and pressure which transforms these layers into a solid mass. Main characteristics of the phenolic bushing are rigidity, low cost, good moisture resistance, abrasion resistance, dimensional stability and highly machinability.  


Phenolic Cloth/Paper Laminate

Phenolic laminates are made by reinforcing one or more layers of a base material such as paper or cotton with phenolic resin and laminating the resin-saturated base material under high pressure and heat. Paper-based laminates are widely used for electrical insulation due to its low cost, rigidity and excellent dielectric strength. Cotton-reinforced laminates demonstrate good wear resistance and mechanical properties due to the fine weave linen and are mainly used as gears, piston rings or intricate detailed pump parts which require precision machining.
Some of the properties of Phenolic are listed as below:
1. High heat resistance
2. Good impact resistance
3. Good solvent resistance
4. High strength and rigidity
5. Low cost
6. Excellent machinability


Uses: Rotor pump plate, gears, electrical parts, connectors, handle, housing, insulation.


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